in memoriam..... this point to remember our pets who have left us and the rest in kitty heaven .... I miss us :-(

CH Honey Tricyrtis    +2010
/lila tabby/
One of the oldest of our cats to us, to the great regret, left in 2010 for acute renal failure ...

IC Ilyria Legenda Aurea     +2009
Our first breeding cat us, to the great regret, at the end of 2009 left, lived to age 13 ...

Armani Esaya Birmans      * 15.7.2008          + 29.1.2009

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the boy, who traveled to us from England. Armani Esaya Birmans, chocolate male, despite the negative tests for nasty diseases like FeLV, FIV and FIP could not conquer his life and died fighting with the bacteria Pasteurella multocida. Autopsy showed extensive contact with the kidneys, lungs and brain

S*Marinette's Amarillo Acclaim   +2008
The tom-cat was very promising, but the rear sock him, unfortunately, made a significant spot, which is essential for obtaining a lack of breeding, therefore, was in agreement with the breeder of animals removed.
He lived until recently in the family of our friend. Unfortunately, sleeping on a cloud of rest.

IC Joanna vom Freigut
další foto...

Janinka was deserved mom brought into beautiful breed offspring, who inherited an amazing sight that everyone admires. Already crowned his breeding career due to age and belonged to our steers, living at home. The dominant nature with some cats did not, so she was closer to the people, otherwise it was a beautiful lady in years ...:-) Unfortunately, she left us at the age of 12et, without any chronic disease, just came her time . Her expressive eyes remain unique in our line just for some cats, and it's a shame:-(